Keys to the kingdom

By Anna Landsverk

    During the frantic first weeks of the spring semester, the parking, key and card office distributed hundreds of parking passes, issued keys and card access to new student organization members and helped keep campus secure.

    However, officer Shane Kelly was activated for military duty in fall of 2016, removing him from his position as parking/key card coordinator. In his place, Sergeant Jessica Jorgensen filled his position in addition to her other duties. Unfortunately, she did not have much time with her predecessor to adjust to everything about her new role.

    “With this position there is a lot of learning,” Jorgensen said. “I was only able to train with Shane for eight days. In those eight days Shane taught me mostly duties that the coordinator has to do, like invoicing, billing student accounts, how some of the systems work and various other responsibilities.”

    Although the learning curve was fairly steep, Jorgensen credited the student staff members as well as some of the permanent public safety staff for their help bringing her up to speed.

    “I am very fortunate that Shane has an outstanding student staff,” Jorgensen said. “They have been amazing to work with. I have been learning from them almost daily. Trisha Giddings, dispatch supervisor, has also been an enormous help; she has been there to offer her help and assistance. I don’t think I would feel as confident in the position as I do without the help from Matty, Yasir, Tori and Trisha. I owe them a huge thank-you.”

    Jorgensen volunteered to replace Kelly after the public safety director announced he would be leaving for military service. She will be serving until he returns from active duty.

    “Director Schumann asked if any of the full-time staff were interested in filling in for Shane while he was gone,” Jorgensen said. “I let director Schumann know I was interested in the position, and he ultimately made the decision.”

    As far as her new position is concerned, Jorgensen definitely has a lot to do—from issuing and ordering parking passes to approving room access for every staff member and student organization on campus, there is no shortage of work. In addition to this multitude of duties Jorgenson has others that fall outside the expected domain of keys and parking.

    “I also check and respond to several email accounts: parking, key/card, e2campus (administrator) and my own personal (email),” Jorgensen said. “Preview Days and new student orientation are also part of this position. And last but not at all least is a very important role, and that is customer service.”

    On top of that, Jorgensen participates in several on-campus committees and serves in some capacities as a public safety sergeant.

    “I am still a Sergeant, but I have some added and different duties, keeping campus safe, responding to calls, patrolling parking lots, parking enforcement and safety walk-throughs of academic buildings and residential halls,” Jorgensen said. “We work alongside the officers, mentor and assist the officers when needed.”

    With support from others in her department and four months’ experience under her belt, Jorgensen said she has been adjusting well to her new position, including it’s many different demands. Kelly is expected to resume his position as parking/key card coordinator when he returns; until then, the position is in good hands.

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