Students Adapt to Modified Advising Process


As the rapid spread of COVID-19 plagues the nation, college campuses all across the United States are forced to close and send their students packing their bags for the rest of spring semester, in hopes of flattening the curve. MSUM has decided to resume classes online by means of popular sites like Zoom or Skype, including registration for the next semester. 

Registration for the fall 2020 semester is currently underway despite the uncertainty of the disease and its path, or where the nation is heading because of it. 

 Some students think adding registration to the flip to online classes is beneficial, while others are concerned that it created unwanted stress for both students and advisors.

Some students are managing to stay neutral on the situation and are managing to try to stay optimistic. Alissa Donkers is a freshman at MSUM studying TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and social studies. While she isn’t exactly happy with the idea of online advising, she realized that it’s the only way to keep herself and others around her as safe as possible.

 “I feel as ready to register as I did last semester when I had to meet her (Linda Houts-Smith, advisor and associate professor) in person,” she said. “Some pros are not feeling as anxious about asking all the right questions while meeting face to face. I can take my time writing an email and making sure I ask all of the questions I need to ask.” 

Donkers went on to state that it does take a bit more time to work with her advisor, and that a usual 30-minute appointment draws out to become an entire day ordeal.

 “It takes a little longer to get everything in order online since I am not the only person she is advising.” 

For other students at MSUM, the thought of online advising isn’t a walk in the park. Jake Mailhot, freshman and film production major, isn’t exactly thrilled; he is extremely concerned for the wellbeing of other students and professors alike due to the high tension and pressure. 

“This kind of  seems like too much to expect of everyone right now, especially professors and advisors. I know we want to pretend that things are normal by resuming things the way they were, but I personally think that that’s not possible right now,” Mailhot said. “And working our professors to the bone is a bit concerning, even as a student.” 

Mailhot said that he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed by online classes alone and often forgets about registration due to the workload. 

“It’s something that should be on the top of my priority list, but as soon as I think about registering, I remember the 10 other things I have to do for my current classes.” Mailhot stated that he is keeping up with his classes but went on to admit that sometimes it’s easy to procrastinate, and the urge to quit becomes a bit much on certain days.

Registration for students began April 6, with windows opening based on number of semester hours completed.

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