Moorhead State Teachers College at 50 … #MSUMat125

For Moorhead State Teachers College’s 50th anniversary in 1937, “The Praeceptor,” our former campus yearbook, published an ornate special edition. The introduction reads: “Half a century – fifty years of service to the Northwest, fifty years of growth in the concept of teacher training, of continuing enrichment of the curriculum – these, we trust, are symbolized as well as paralleled by the physical growth here portrayed: from a lone edifice on the prairie to the modern campus of today.” The beautifully designed publication included dozens of photos and tidbits of history – like when the football team, then nicknamed the Pedigodes, defeated NDSU 5-0 in 1900. By 1937, following a major fire, the college adopted the Dragon nickname. The left photo’s original caption said: “Quizzes, assignments, Saturday’s game, the all-College party – whatever the subject, it leads to college friendships.” Current students reenacted the original photo Thursday in Flora Frick.

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