‘Piratical’ children’s show opens Thursday

This Thursday, baby dragons of a new kind will be on campus. Instead of breathing fire or studying in preparation for finals, these kids will be watching MSUM theatre’s children’s show, “Swashbuckled! A Piratical Adventure.”

The show follows the adventure of a technologically dependent young boy as he gets swept away by a band of pirates who need help finding their leader, Blackheart the pirate king.

Along the way, the boy and his new friends, Pirate Gray, Pirate Quick-Silver and Pirate Larry, sing and dance along their way as they encounter creepy creatures and pretty ladies.

This exciting show, filled with colorful characters and silly songs, will open this Thursday for students from elementary schools around the area. Performances will continue throughout the next two weeks, and there will be free public shows on Nov. 23 at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

While this show was no doubt written for young children, writer and director Craig Ellingson insisted that it is also for “the young at heart,” and is a great opportunity for MSUM students to bring their young siblings, as well as for members of the community, to bring their whole families out.

With cast members in the show having to miss class for performances throughout the next weeks, the show has been double cast, meaning audience members will have opportunity to see the show with two different ensembles.

Ellingson also encourages students to, if their schedules allow it, see the show during one of the day perfomances as the reactions of the elementary school kids will make the show that much more fun to watch. If students want to  take advantage of this, they should simply go to the box office and ask if their are any open seats.

Like all shows at MSUM, “Swashbuckled: A Piratical Adventure” is free for MSUM students.


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