Library renovations continue; Phase one nears completion

Library renovations continue.
Library renovations continue.

The library is getting a facelift in a three-phase renovation project with phase one being completed by March.

The renovation plan, which was first introduced in 2004, will include adding and updating study rooms with better multimedia, a second entrance to the building, computer labs moving to the first floor, a faculty development center, updating the third and fourth floor, creating better movement between the first and second floor and making the entire building more aesthetically pleasing.

The renovations, which began in July 2012, are moving along well with phase one near completion.

“The carpet is laid and it’s starting to look like what it’s going to look like,” said Brittney Goodman, dean of instructional resources. “It’s exciting.”

When phase one is completed, the faculty development center will be finished along with group study rooms, staff space and offices, a new IT help desk and updates to the second floor. The new furniture will have built in plug-ins, the study rooms will feature TVs and projectors and there will be a practice presentation room on the first floor.

“There will be increased access for students, it will be more aesthetically pleasing and will have a variety of study spaces for students,” Goodman said. “The new IT help desk will make it much easier for students to get help.”

When phase two starts in August, library staff will have to be shuffled around, making some of the new amenities unavailable to students until the entire project is complete.

The new north entrance to the building will not be open for use until July and the new study rooms will house staff until they are able to move back to their own offices and renovations are complete.

The original project was only a two-phase project, with the third and fourth floor phase being left out. However, the team feels that they are under budget enough and can afford to add the third phase.

“We have been tracking our budget wisely, and that is one of the reasons we are now able to start work on the third and fourth floor,” said Brenda Norris, Owner’s Representative for the project.

Starting Feb. 4 the third and fourth floor of the library will be closed to students for phase three. Limited staff will have access to the top two floors to retrieve materials for students. If students need a book from the third of fourth floor, they will have to make a request on MnPals, MSUM’s online catalog. It will typically take 24 hours to process, so make requests well enough in advance.

The carpet, ceilings, doors, and heating and cooling will be updated on the third and fourth floors, which will be completed in July before phase two starts. The study rooms will not receive the updated technology as of now.

All of the renovations are projected to be complete in early spring 2014 and will overall benefit the students.

“The main message is we’re going to offer all the services we currently do, some things are going to move around, you’re still going to get all the resources you used to get and we’re crossing our fingers for spring 2014 to have it all ready for you guys.” Goodman said.


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