New Target line thrives in snow storm


TargetMost of us will remember Feb. 10 as one of the worst winter storms of 2013. Many Nepali students think of it as the day Nepal native Prabal Gurung’s Target line hit store shelves.

The high-end fashion designer has been worn by many celebrities including Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. Prabal’s Target line is meant to be affordable for the average person.

Many female members of MSUM’s large Nepali population have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Prabal’s line, Love.

“I had been waiting for his line to come out for a long time. Because of the storm, I had to wait until Tuesday,” said Dipa Gurung, mass communications senior.

Dipa considers herself fashion forward and she has always been a big fan. Both Dipa and Prabal were born in Singapore. They also share the same name and their families have a similar heritage.

“A lot of Gurung men are soldiers. We have similar backrounds and have lived in the same places,” Dipa said.

Dipa’s cousin Arati Gurung is also a Prabal super fan. Like her cousin, she feels connected to the Nepali designer.

“I’m not really into the fashion business. I like Prabal because he has become such a successful person. In Nepal, it is unheard of to go into something like this. We are expected to do something more practical,” said Arati, a 2011 MSUM community health graduate.

Prabal gathered his inspiration for Love from the different stages of being in love. It covers everything from meeting the parents to the breakup. It is full of vibrant colors and floral patterns. The bright colors are also a reflection of Nepali fashion.

“Nepali fashion is full of bright colors. Even our weddings are bright,” Arati said.

Not only is he a world renowned designer, but he is a charitable one as well.

“He is a really good human being. He gives back a lot to Nepal. He really helps the country,” Arati said.

Despite the picked over selection, both Dipa and Arati were able to purchase a few items including shirt dresses and floral shoes.

“It’s nice to finally be able to afford something he designed,” Dipa said.

She said she thinks that part of the reason she feels so strongly about Prabal is because he gives back to fans. He is very active in social media and often replies.

“I’m obsessed with his Instagram. He always posts pictures with his friends and family. You don’t see the personal side of other designers,” Dipa said.

For Dipa, wearing something of Prabal’s comes with a sense of pride. She said she is proud of the risk he has taken by going into fashion.

“When I wear his clothes I will feel proud. I really look up to him. I like wearing something I like and being supportive at the same time,” Dipa said.


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