Oscar predictions and preferences: Best director and best picture


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Best director
When the nominations were announced, controversy surrounded the directing category, as several anticipated frontrunners were excluded, including Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper and most surprisingly, Ben Affleck. Hollywood seemed to disagree with the decision, as Affleck has been honored at every other awards show this season.

Even still, Steven Spielberg’s successful biopic “Lincoln” will likely give him his third directorial Oscar, especially after combining his status in Hollywood with the 12 nominations “Lincoln” has.

I would have selected Ben Affleck, but since he was snubbed, I want David O. Russell to win. “Silver Linings Playbook” was so cleverly executed, made to raise awareness for mental health in honor of his son, and it was obvious there was genuine heart behind the film.

Best Picture
Selecting best picture is always the most challenging category, what with the Oscar’s past unpredictable decisions. This season, “Argo” has been sweeping this category, gaining recognition from every award show, as it should—“Argo” consistently kept viewers on the edge of their seats while simultaneously laughing at the clever banter.

The last award of the night, best picture often reflects the successes of the other categories; very rarely does a director win and not have their picture win as well. Because of this, my guess is that “Lincoln” will win. However, I am rooting for either “Argo” or “Silver Linings Playbook.”


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