Student Senate crafts solutions


While we are busy thinking about homework and classes, Student Senate members are thinking about ways to make the lives of fellow students better. They are already in the process of hashing out the problems students face this semester.

“We are working on a wide variety of issues. We ask a lot of questions of the administration and work together with them to make campus better for the students,” said Russell Ferguson, Student Senate president and English and Spanish senior.

One of their big projects this semester is assessing the quality of student advisers. Their focus is to make sure each student gets an adequate level of guidance.

“We’ve talked to the administration about it and they’ve taken this to heart,” Ferguson said. “They realize academic advising is either really great for the student, or it’s a complete bomb.”

There have been complaints of some advisers doing a mediocre job.

“Sometimes advisers just send the code and don’t give real advice about classes. That’s kind of rough for a student,” Ferguson said.

Due to Student Senate efforts, there will be a mandatory meeting for student advisers in the fall. They have also gathered a panel of experts to help assess the situation.

The renovation of the library has produced student complaints about the lack of study space on campus. They are working to inform students about locations of alternative study spaces and getting those spaces open 24 hours. Locations of alternative study locations will be posted on the MSUM website and on the Student Senate Facebook page.

“There are a lot of places to study on campus, but not everyone knows where they are,” said Sarah Danielson, Student Senate treasurer and political science junior.

When a student gets in trouble on campus, there is a system in place to take necessary diciplinary actions. Student Senators noticed that there is no corresponding system for professors. Student Senate members want to put a system into effect that will make it easier for students to report discrimination or abuse. They also want to make sure students get an update on the progress.

“It’s a sensitive issue, we just want to make it easier for students,” Danielson said.

Everything the Student Senate does is meant to make campus a better place for students.

“We can’t fix everyone’s problems. We want to make sure students are heard,” Danielson said.

Students can post problems on the board outside of the Student Senate office. Elections for Student Senate will be held after Spring Break. Students can apply at web.


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