MSUM continues green trend

Photo by Ben Gumeringer
Photo by Ben Gumeringer

New recycling containers now populate campus as part of the effort to bring a new look to the bins. Sustainability coordinator, Joe Herbst worked with vice president of finance and administration Jan Mahoney and physical plant manager, Jeff Goebel to bring in the new bins. Herbst said there were many factors to consider when purchasing the containers. The group wanted to have correctly sized bins to reflect the actual volume of waste, the flexibility to adapt the containers when the F-M area moves to single stream recycling and something that looks nice and shows the value of sustainability at MSUM. “Most people have heard the mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,’” Herbst said. “First, we’d like people to reduce the amount of waste they produce in general.  Second, reusing materials is just plain awesome and can save money.  After those two comes recycling, and nearly everyone at MSUM recycles. That makes me happy and proud.”  A fun fact: Since the start of the spring semester, Student Recycling Service has recycled nearly 4,500 pounds of material.

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